TruFab Structural Profiles / Structural Shapes

TruFab Structural Profiles / Structural Shapes


Hexagon Composite has been supplying fiberglass pultruded structural profiles to various industries around the world. Fiberglass structural profiles are used in industries such as cooling tower, building, construction, coastal & marine, oil & gas, and infrastructure mainly due to advantages below :

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Light Weight
  • Ease of erection
  • Low maintenance

Fiberglass pultruded structural profiles come in various shapes such as Hollow, Channel, Angle, Beams, Tubes, etc. Our structural profiles are designed to excellent mechanical properties and different resin system is selected to meet specific chemical / corrosive condition. UV resistant, Fire retardant standard such as ASTM E84, BS 476, UL-94 are also available upon request.

For any special / specific application, Hexagon Composite can also work closely with customer to develop products meeting their project requirement.

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